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Glancing Back and Marching Forward.

The Katie

Happy New Year! Right out of the gate, 2018 has started with exciting new adventures! Remember last month’s blog (Read here)? I mentioned Jon, my husband, and I were praying about what the Lord had for us next. We sent our baby to college last fall, so we are now what’s known as “empty nesters.” This translates to “quiet house” in Latin ;) We also had been care-takers to my Aunt Joyce who lived with us for a year and a half. She passed away two days before Christmas after a long battle with cancer. I like to say she won the battle. I have never witnessed such a fight in my life. She is now pain-free, laughing and praising the Lord- Amen! Our home has greatly changed in the last few months. We are still healing; we are still mourning, but we are pressing in. I mean, really pressing into our next step. One of the things I learned from my Aunt's dying process is that if fear is keeping you from your best life, don't let it! This life is short.

What does any of this have to do with jewelry, you may ask? Nothing and everything.

This month was a perfect time to introduce The Nurture Collection and to also let you know that Jon and I are going through the process of being licensed, foster parents. Joy & James has quickly turned into so much more than jewelry for Jon and I. It’s a business that is already helping us financially to prepare our home to be licensed. Joy & James will be providing extra income for us to help, in a small way, babies and families in our state. We are not licensed yet but are hoping to be by the end of the month. Stay tuned...

Thank you for your purchases!

It all so clearly fits together with the Nurture Collection. The Nurture Collection will partner with young women who want to help the world by using their gifts. This month I was so happy to introduce Katie to you. If you haven't already, please read her story here... In February you will be meeting Gabbie. Gabbie holds a very special place in my heart ( My son loves her, and so do I ). Her life has been impacted by the foster care system in the greatest of ways, which makes her the perfect feature designer for February. Her heart and her story exemplifies love and Valentines Day. It's never too early to start thinking about your Valentine:)


2 Timothy 1:7

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