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Joy & James. A dream come true!

Joy & James ~ for the joy of jewelry

Morning Glory

2017 was the year to face my fears, to take a leap, to make it happen. It was also the year I brought my baby to college. If you're a mom stay at home or not- It's a life changer! All of a sudden, just like that, you are no longer the manager of everyone else's life. What does a mother do next? Jon, my husband and I, took time to mourn our babies, introduce ourselves to one another and go on a ton of much needed dates (with each-other). Then we took a step back and asked God... What's next? What does this next chapter have for us? Those prayers produced some serious decisions... One of which was to start my own business. The other decision... that's for next month's blog.

About the business-

Joy & James had been an idea for years, but lets face it, there's never enough time or money (or time or money) to start your own business. One day I just decided I'm doing it- Its time start my business. MY. OWN. BUSINESS. GASP! With a lot of hard work and 15 years of jewelry making experience, we were online, was live!

From the moment we went online the support has been overwhelming. The encouragement I've received has propelled me forward.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My goal is simple, to create beautiful handmade jewelry, to make connections with other artisans and more importantly have a platform to build-up, encourage and support women of all ages.

About the product-

All the jewelry I design is inspired by nature. We live in a beautiful world- designed by a Creator who IS the ultimate designer. Co