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I strive to create Jewelry that will encourage you to appreciate creative, handmade pieces of wearable art. It is my hope, that through my unique pieces, you will find your personal joy through each color and style. Each piece is handcrafted by me, Amy Frye

Every day, I am fortunate enough to get my inspiration by looking out my sun porch at all the colors that God has created in nature. Whether it be the pure white of freshly fallen snow, the different shades of green in the spring, or the deep reds and oranges of fall...I am always finding new colors to incorporate into my jewelry


My Husband and I live in a home filled with love and Joy, all while being surrounded by beautiful and majestic trees. We are blessed to call New Hampshire our home. We have two college-aged kids and twin, three-year-old girls, and a Golden Retriever named Maple. I've been making jewelry for 17 + years and I'm excited to share my creations with you.

 ~Proverbs 16:3~

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