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All the feels.

LOVE When the kids were little Valentine's Day was special. I would make sure they each had a little treat and a love note from Mom telling them how loved and cherished they were. Jon and I would have an excuse to go out, never on the actual day, that would mean longer wait times and the possibility of not being in our Pj pants by 9:00 pm sharp:) This year was a little different, the kids are older, but Jon and I, true to form, celebrated our love three days later with a day in Portsmouth, NH. I know it's a consumer-driven holiday, but who cares? Anytime chocolate and love are together, it's a win-win! This year it also fell on Ash Wednesday so for millions of Christians around the world it was the start of the Lenten season. Easter... The ultimate example of sacrificial love. Jesus!

Love- I felt it this month. I LOVED getting to know, Gabbie more! It's good to be reminded of how we are to give back (Read her story here) . The Nurture Collection has turned into such a beautiful experience. Jon and I have worked with youth for over 20 years, so getting to sit down with these ladies seems natural, but getting to see them shine in this way is new and exciting! I am grateful.

This month's custom orders. OH. MY. HEART!

One of my close friends wanted earrings designed from the Jade beads she purchased when she adopted her daughter from China years ago. Her daughter turned 21 in February and she wanted to turn the beads into a gift she could give to her daughter on her birthday. She wanted something simple and modern... It was a pleasure and honor to design these for her. Her mom was easy to work with. She knew exactly her daughter's style, which made the design process easy. I received a sweet text from her daughter the day of her birthday, she LOVED them! It's more than Jewelry, it's the thought, the giver, the receiver, the meaning...

Mothers and Daughters

Another customer, now friend, wanted a set made for her daughter. Her daughter is passionate about animals, especially reptiles. The mom knew her daughter's colors, style and she knew she wanted Geckos represented. I have to admit, I had no idea how to do that, but we worked together and it worked! The pieces are perfect. Mom and daughter came to the studio and picked up her surprise. We sat around the table, chatted and laughed- it doesn't get better than that! The whole experience blessed me!

...and I'm working on another gift from a Mother to her young daughter. Some stories and moments are difficult and beautiful and I constantly feel blessed to be a part of their stories even in some tiny way. I Can't wait to share this design with you next month!

Please remember Joy & James when you are buying gifts for... Birthdays, appreciation, I'm sorry's, I love you's, special occasions...

Next months designer will be the "Joy" of Joy & James. It's going to be REAL hard not to over gush about this one, but she has an amazing opportunity to minister once again, across the globe. This time in, China. God is so good!

OH AND Jon and I are headed to my first bead show this weekend! I Can't WAIT to come home and design for spring... Thinking about Poppy's and Peony's !!

-Amy 1 Corinthians 13:13

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